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Prof Vincenti wins NATO SPS award with the project RESPONDER! 

Harmonic Generation in Optical Nanoantennas is in the news!!!! See the article here!

Prof Baronio has been elected head of the Department of Information Engineering at University of Brescia — 11-nov-2020 17.08.38

Prof De Angelis wins NATO SPS award with the project OPTIMIST! — 11-nov-2020 17.01.01

Prof De Angelis published a new book! — 30-mag-2020 20.32.51

Prof Vincenti and Prof Baronio have been awarded US Army Research Laboratory grant! — 30-mag-2020 14.32.02

METAFAST project funded under the FET OPEN - Horizon 2020 program! — 30-mag-2020 14.09.55

Prof De Angelis wins PRIN 2017 with the project NOMEN! — 30-mag-2020 13.56.35