Current projects

(2024-2029) Erasmus Mundus in Innovative Microwave Electronics and Photonics (EMIMEP)

(2024-2027) NATO SPS - MEditerranean sea Laser Instrumentation for Tectonic dynamics Exploration (MELITE)

(2023-2026) NATO SPS - metasuRfacE baSed Platforms fOr devices aND pErsonnel pRotection  (RESPONDER)

(2023-2025) PRIN PNRR 2022 - Food sAfety via miCrObial detectioN wIth phoTonics nanorEsonators (ACONITE

(2023-2025) PRIN PNRR 2022 - eFficient pLasmA Intelligent Reflecting Surface (FLAIRS)

(2023-2025) PRIN 2022 - Integrated THz platform for 6G applications (GRACE6G)

(2023 - 2025) PRIN 2022 - Nonlinear lithium niobate metasurfaces for integrated THz generation (NO LIMITHz)

(2023-2025) PRIN 2022 - all-oPtIcaL uLtrafast metA-modulatoRS (PILLARS

(2022-2025) European Union Program “PON Ricerca e Innovazione 2014-2020 - DM 1062/2021”, "Metasurfaces for new generation solar cells"

(2022-2025) PRIN 2020 - Multiscale Metasurfaces for Tera Hertz Generation and Radiation by Optical Rectification    (METEOR)

(2022-2025) PRIN 2020 - Extreme waves emerging in full 2D+1 dimensional environments

(2021-2024) NATO SPS - OPTIcal liMIing and SwiTching with nanoscale photonic structures (OPTIMIST)

(2020-2024) FET-Open: METAsurfaces for ultraFAst light Structuring (METAFAST

(2019-2024) PRIN 2017 - Nonlinear photonics in metal-less metasurfaces (NOMEN)

(2018-2023) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Microwaves, Electronics and Optics (EMIMEO)

Past projects

(2020-2022) US Army Research Laboratory Grant: Extreme nonlinear optics in epsilon-near-zero materials

(2019-2021) CNR Joint lab project: Nonlinear photonics with metal-less nanoantennas and metasurfaces (OMEN)

(2017-2022) ERC Advanced Grant: Spatiotemporal multimode complex optical systems (STEMS). 

(2017-2020) PRIN 2015 - Nonlinear dynamics of optical frequency combs (NEMO

(2017-2020) MIUR - Rita Levi Montalcini: Linear and nonlinear dynamics of plasma resonant materials

(2016-2019) H2020-MSCA-RISE project: Capturing and quantitative analysis of multi-scale multi-channel  diagnostic data" (CARDIALLY) 

(2016-2018) INFN project: DiElectric and METallic Radiofrequency Accelerator (DEMETRA)

(2014-2018) Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Strand 2 project: Europe - Asia - Pacific Exchange programme in Nanophotonics (NANOPHI)      

(2014-2017) PRIN project: "Extreme wave events in nonlinear optics and hydrodynamics"

(2014-2016) Graphene Flagship project: "GRAphene PHotonics Applications for Transmitters And Receivers" (GRAPHATAR)

(2014-2016) Cariplo Foundation project: "Second harmonic plasmon enhanced sensing" (SHAPES)

(2013-2014) Galileo Project: "Supercontinuum sources in fiber ring cavities"

(2012-2014) Cariplo Foundation project: "Mid-wave infrared supercontinuum from silicon waveguides"

(2011-2013) PRIN project: "Optical Shocks: theory and experiments"

(2011-2012) Cariplo Foundation project: "Engineering optical non-linearities using plasmon resonances in metal-insulator metamaterials" (METAMETA)

(2010-2013) Dote Ricercatori e Dote Ricerca Applicata (Regione Lombardia): "Tecnologie, materiali e metodologie per la conversione, il risparmio e il recupero energetico"

(2010-2011) EOARD project: "Optical waveform generators based on temporal and spectral shaping in nonlinear metamaterials"

(2010-2011) Cariplo Foundation project: "Study of nonlinearities in periodically poled silicon waveguides for new mid-infrared laser sources"

(2010-2011) PRIN project: "Nonlinear cross-polarization interactions in photonic devices and systems"

(2010-2011) British-Italian Partnership Programme project: "Modelling of carbon nanotube based nonlinear saturable absorbers for all-optical processing applications"

(2010-2011) Azioni integrate Italia-Spagna project: "Sistemi e dispositivi ottici non lineari"

(2008-2009) PRIN project: "Temporal and spectral shaping of optical pulses in lithium niobate and lithium tantalate sub-microstructured waveguides"

(2007-2008) PRIN project: "Design of a single-chip Ultra Wide Band portable radar"

(2006-2007) PRIN project: "Numerical and analytical modeling of parametric and photonic-bandgap devices in waveguides in surface periodically poled lithium niobate and lithium tantalate"

(2006-2007) PRIN project: "Design of nanosensors based on photonic crystal slabs"

(2004-2005) PRIN project: "Numerical and analytical modeling of parametric and photonic-bandgap devices in proton exchanged waveguides in surface periodic poled lithium niobate"

(2003-2005) FIRB project: "Modeling and numerical methods of photonic devices for high capacity optical networks"

(2001-2002) PRIN project: "A novel technology for the realization of parametric photonic devices in lithium niobate optical waveguides" 

(2000-2002) IST project: "Ultrafast all optical signal processing in engineered quadratic nonlinear waveguides"

(1998-1999) IST project: "Optical routing based on quadratic spatial solitons interactions"